Whilst some things can be classified as antique and others midcentury or deco, the furniture that often means the most to us is simply for the reason that it is treasured.

Photo on the right is my home office with my favourite bookcase – a well preserved, circa 1870s, Australian cedar secretaire with fitted huon pine interior I purchased in 1995

The photos below show the timber interior panels from a treasured 1965 Ferrari valued at over one million dollars, but also day-to-day articles whose primary appeal are the sentiments of the owners and the vibes of the past.

Who spoke to whom and what treasured conversations were had on the 1910s British Ericsson wall phone, or what was the relevance of the junk-rigged Asian sailing boat to the person who comissioned the oak fire screen to be carved in 1930s Britain? (see below)

As Orson Welles’s classic “Citizen Kane” parodies the life of newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst and his quest for power and influence, his collection of old masters, sculptures and priceless masterpieces, the truth of the mans life and his dying words of recognition are that his childhood snow sled “Rosebud” was what really mattered to him. Of no monetary value, burnt on the fire in the end, it was nevertheless his most valued treasure.

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Treasured Captain's Sea Chest

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