My Mid Century Room

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This room reflects my perception of the 60s as a decade of immense change, from rock’n’roll, the birth-control pill, civil rights movements, LSD, Vietnam, and much much more. A powerful bold interior with a comfortable ambience combining 1950s Danish design with 1960s pop art. Sitting in a Tessa swivel chair, listening to Willie Nelson’s nylon string guitar through the Kriesler multi-sonic whilst drinking tea with a friend. There is a heaven

  • Tonal harmony of carpet, walls, fire surround, wallpaper back colour, standard lampshade, stereo speaker covers and curtain leaf pattern
  • The T.H. Brown propeller table echoed in block pattern wallpaper and referenced in downed fighter plane in Bruce Vinall’s collage “1939”
  • Chimney breast wall colour matched to curtain background colour, contrasting pleasingly with dark chocolate corduroy of Tessa TV swivel chairs
  • African theme created by giraffe pattern chaise lounge, life size porcelain cheetah, 1960s Barsony lady lamps and 2 large African style vases
  • Architecture of walnut display cabinet maintains a visual rhyme with the wallpaper block pattern