They come in a tremendous range of sizes, styles and uses – from hotel dining to ornate antique sewing tables, from majestic aristocratic dining halls to the cool gravity of a corporate boardroom.

Tables have a specialness to them in that a large part of what happens in life and the world happens at them or is decided upon at them.

People propose marriage at them, make love on them, share everything from harsh truths to funny stories and day-to-day ordeals at them. People scream violently at them, make up at them and read everything from newspapers to bibles at them. Several generations of a family’s history are often etched into the patina of an old table. I often look at a table and wonder what stories it would tell if it could.

I offer the full range of finishes – from conceptually correct but delicate shellac french polish to tough and heatproof 2 pak coatings in matt satin or gloss for hospitality or household dining tables.

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The Beaumont House Hall Table

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