Art Deco

Art Deco often reflected the aspirations of the culture of its creators – from the cool intellectual reserve of the Scottish to the glamorous sensuality of the high Parisians, to the elegant morality of the Russians.

Art Deco had a resurgence in Australia in the 1940s and 50s as European immigrants looked to something that represented the good times. It is this Australian Deco that now represents what was a boom time for Australia.

Art Deco

The photo above is of my Australian-made walnut Art Deco dining suite circa 1950 that I acquired and restored in 2005. The motorcycle – a 1974 Husqvarna that dad bought for me nearly 40 years ago, was restored by me in 1997. Whilst not deco, it still looks great in the dining room.

As Adelaide’s foremost authority on the restoration of Art Deco and Art Nouveau furniture I have the experience and facilities to return your piece to its stunning best. I have worked extensively in Brussels in 1999-2000 with now-retired Belgian maestros Olivier Fabry and Patrick DuChamp on pieces of the glamorous 1920s from designers such as Charles Catteau and Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann.

My work also appears in several important Adelaide collections. Deco furniture invariably has a peel cut veneered surface of approximately 1mm thickness, often less after previous restorations and many a gorgeous piece has been ruined by inexperienced hands. Art deco is unique in its range of application, from the opulent furnishings of the Maharaja’s palaces and aristocrats’ jewellery to picture theatres, service stations, cigarette lighters or depression-era bakelite toys. Your completed Art Deco project will be covered by a full 7-year warranty.

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